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halloween acid house

the story of alice, ophelia, persephone & mary

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14 October 1978
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a 31 yr old, single white str8 female trying to find purpose in her ride thru cyclothymia. a melancholic yet silly wanna-be writer who finds light in darkness. loves art history, anthropology, human behavior, Jesus, travel, daydreaming, journaling, fine dining, wine and halloween. an emotional hemophiliac trying to band-aid with paper and words. a moderate christian crossed with a gothic witch, laboring to find the art and beauty inherent in all things. my hopes in life are to learn who i am and finally begin to love her; fall in love with a wonderful man whose fallen in love with me; maybe start a family; make and keep a wonderful, welcoming home (old home, i hope!!); learn how to ride horses and work a hobby farm, advocate for the mentally ill, the disabled and all of those whose cries go unheard; get published for my little poem-like pieces; be rid of chronic pain; and to pray with power, clarity and ego-less connection. oh, and i have a ridiculous sense of humor - often dry but sometimes completely 'retarded'.... check this out and then help me out (if you dare!) www.salamiproject.blogspot.com

i am often goofy, long winded, sarcastic, sardonic, excited, passionate, emotional, eager and tired... i long for real, true lasting female friendships with girls who like me for me and let me like them for them. and i hope to move out soon, maybe move south where it is cheaper... and finally become the independent person my spirit has been laboring to be!

i am very passionate and very sincere. i feel everything with every nerve in my body.
life can be hard this way.... but it also can be perfectly amazing!

oh, and PS: i love love love to meet with and chat with people - i am here for anyone who needs someone to talk to!


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